Virus Removal, System Optimization / Debugging, and General in-House Repairs

In certain situations, services such as Virus Removal and System Optimization/Debugging may require in-house work; meaning that the affected systems must be sent to us, so that we can use specialized tools to repair them.

In these cases, our price for in-house work is a rate of $40 / hr (+ shipping, if applicable)
When we receive your machine, we first examine it,  and we will estimate the cost of repair and notify you.
If we determine that the machine is unfixable for any reason, or you do not agree to the repair, then we will ship the machine back to you as-is, and only charge for the return shipping fee.

Please note the following:

  • We will not service computers that have been worked on previously -- this includes work from other repair shops, you yourself, or your best friend who is a "computer whizz".  In these kinds of jobs we generally find that the previous repair attempt, actually makes matters worse, wastes time (and your money) and are generally not worth it in the long run. We make very few exceptions, depending on certain factors and situations, and even then, only for our loyal, repeat customers.


  • We will not provide free estimates for other repair shops. If you are a technician, or a shop and you want us to help you diagnose an issue, you will be charged the regular hourly rate, plus return shipping as usual.

If you have any additional questions, or to get started, please click "Request Service".

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