Remote Support Services

Our phone and remote support services are what truly set us apart from the rest, as we are able to remotely diagnose and solve many software-related issues over the phone or via remote connection, quickly and easily, saving you time and money, as nothing needs to be shipped or brought to us, and no technician needs to physically come on-site.

For Remote Connection support, one of our technicians will connect to your computer that needs repair, and will perform all needed diagnostics and apply the neccessary solutions to solve the issue. You can can rest easy knowing that the entire session is monitored and recorded for both quality and safety purposes, and you will be able to request a copy of the entire recorded session upon completion of the service.

For our remote support and phone support services, since no travel is required in these cases and nothing needs to be shipped, we are able to offer the reduced rate of $0.66 / min

We also offer ongoing 24/7 phone and remote support services, with an unlimited number of remote service requests for a weekly retainer of $550 / wk.
This is a good option for those who need continual, or long-term support.

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