Website Design and Management

We have three main pricing tiers (Basic, Pro and Elite) depending on your current needs, and we currently offer both Web Design services, where we will design a website from scratch for you, as well as Web Management services, where we will provide maintenance, support and management for your already existing website.

You may freely combine both options if you want us to manage your website for you after we create it.

Web Design Plans

Our web design plans are tailored to those who want us to design a website for them, but prefer to manage the website themselves. Ideal for the more technically inclined, we will design a fully-functioning website, and deliver it to you, ready for you to take it over.

Basic Web Design: Good for a small startup or a “business card” style website. Our basic web design plan includes a maximum of two pages, with one contact form.
Price: $200

Pro Web Design: Ideal for most clients. Our pro web design plan includes up-to six pages, with one contact form.
Price: $450

Elite Web Design: For those who need more, we have our elite web design plan, which includes up-to twelve pages, and can include up to six different contact forms.
Price: $875

Please note that all web design plans include three (3) free page alterations at no charge during the design phase, and one (1) free logo or banner design during the design phase.

If at any time after the design phase, you request additional changes, they will be charged at our regular hourly rate for in-house work,
$40 / hr.

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Web Management Plans:

Our Web Management  services, are perfect for those who want us to manage an exiting website for you or your company. These options take the pressure off of you, so that you don’t have to worry about the website, beyond answering some basic questions and we handle it from there.
Note: for each web management plan, you have the option of being billed, weekly, monthly or yearly. Choose whichever works best for you.

Basic Web Management:  Includes, standard maintenance and upkeep, basic security audits, 5 hours of personal time (including light consulting), and minor cosmetic alternations. Price: $25 / week, $100 / month(or $1,200 / year)

Pro Web Management: Best for most clients, the pro plan offers Premium maintenance (including website speed optimizations) upgrading of software components where required, basic security audits, and up to 15 hours of personal in-depth consulting time.
Price: $75 / week, $300 / month (or $3,600 / year)

Elite Web Management: Our best webmanagement plan! Elite offers Full site administration, not merely regular maintenance, but we handle everything from upgrading and testing software components, to proof-reading your website’s text-copy. We will also conduct in-depth debugging and security audits to ensure your website and data stay as safe as possible. Elite also includes 30 hours of personal consulting time.
Price: $125 / week, $500 / month (or $6,000 / year)

All Web management plans include scheduled website backups to protect your site.

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